Empowering the Utility Field Service Workers with Mobile Technology

With the majority of utility work happening in the field, empowering your field force with tools that improve productivity, accuracy and timeliness is essential to the bottom line. However, finding technology that meets the demands of an extreme field environment while fulfilling operational requirements and supporting current IT systems can be a challenge.

Motion Computing® has designed technology that your field workers want to use and your IT teams can easily support. Over the past decade, we've helped utilities worldwide streamline field operations and save money by making existing back-office information available in the field—enabling real-time data access and communication. Motion Rugged Tablet PCs and mobile technology offer top of the line security and outstanding customer support. From reliable connectivity and integrated features to docking, carrying, power and input solutions, Motion has the tools your utility needs to complete demanding workflows easily and safely.

Work Order Automation

Get the right technician sent to the right location with the right tools – the first time.

Inspect / Repair / Maintain

Simplify both planned and unplanned fieldwork. Streamline safety audits and meet compliance requirements. Extend the lifecycle of assets and improve customer service.

Inventory Management / Asset Tracking

Integrate utilities inventory management and asset tracking to improve your bottom line and overall operational efficiency.

  • Articles

    Utility Product Review

    Utility Source:  Meet Utilities’ New Fully Rugged Android Champion

    With a rare combination of 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD, this lightweight Xplore XSLATE D10 Android champion packs twice as much punch as any other Android device currently on the market in the storage and energy-saving categories. And there is no other Android mobile PC - of any size, rugged or not - that gives utility professionals a full set of I/O ports.

    In-Vehicle Computing

    Taking Aim Against Distracted Driving

    In this Mechanical Business article, Motion's Scott Ball discusses some "dos" and "don'ts" around in-vehicle computing solutions. An app that wants the user to type while driving is an accident waiting to happen. Yet despite the risks, people still allow themselves to be sidetracked from concentrating on driving safely. Thankfully, there’s technology that a business owner can have installed to help keep his technicians’ eyes on the road.

  • Case Studies

    Telecommunications Installation and Service

    Top U.S. Telco Operator Fully Mobilizes Network Development with Xplore Technologies

    After rigorous testing, the Xplore XC5 clearly emerged as the first mobility solution purpose-built for splicing technicians that frequently work in physically demanding and dust-ridden environments, such as manholes and construction sites, as well as managers responsible for heavy data input tasks in the field.

    “The Xplore XC5 tablet that we originally deployed in 2011 was, environmentally, the strongest machine on the planet,” explained the customer.

    Not only did the tablet PC demonstrate its ultra-rugged strength after surviving submersion in a lake, a dishwasher cycle and drops from incredible heights, but Xplore as a company proved its strength in listening to customers’ ideas and designing quality mobile solutions that address emerging needs. In fact, Xplore was the only technology provider willing to think “outside the box” to progress its mobile platform capabilities in concert with the customer’s evolving work environment.

    Transportation and Government

    Motion Drives Mobile Computing Success at Main Roads Western Australia

    Main Roads Western Australia is responsible for WA’s highways and main roads which represent almost 30% of the State’s total assets. It is one of the largest geographically spread road agencies in the world covering 2.5 million square kilometres. Mobile computing solutions are an integral technology component for the maintenance programs of Main Roads utilised for recording assets, and recording and tracking maintenance issues and requirements on site.

    "Main Roads covers a huge area and Motion tablets have allowed our staff to remain connected with the network, in real time. Its advantages mean we will continue to deploy and utilise Motion’s F5 Platform as a key component of our mobility technology solution."

    Inspect / Maintain / Repair

    Peoples Natural Gas - Tablet-Based Solution Tackles Inefficiencies

    Utility companies manage thousands of assets that are geographically dispersed and exposed to the harshest of elements. All of these assets have to be periodically inspected to ensure that they can provide reliable service, and that inspection process requires a massive data collection effort repeated on a varying schedule, depending on the type of asset. What the company needed to mobilize these activities was a rugged tablet that could withstand the often harsh conditions the technicians work in, provide enough processing power to meet the company’s needs, and run multiple Windows-based applications.

    “We compared it to other tablets on the market, and what sold us on Motion was, first and foremost, that it could handle the software we were running in terms of processor speed and memory,” says Paul Pachuta, IT analyst at Peoples Natural Gas. “It also had the most user friendly form factor.”

    Work Order Automation

    Aurora Energy - Improving Connections

    The deployment of Motion’s F5 tablets has directly improved Aurora Energy’s productivity and has reduced penalty payouts due to jobs being dispatched and received without delay. This is via
    the direct connectivity with the network allowing for access to information whilst in remote sites, consequently saving on travel time and reducing site revisits.

    “Aurora was looking to give its field crews the ability to stay connected while out in the field allowing them to readily access information and make informed decisions on the spot”.

    Work Order Automation

    Motion Tablet PCs Help Norris Public Power District Realize up to 75% in Time Savings

    Norris Public Power District’s move to Motion mobile technology provides linemen with real time database access including the ability to update and transmit meter readings from the field.

    “We’re able to enhance our customer service and increase our efficiency – the tablets streamline our entire workflow from the office to the field and back – reducing errors, increasing productivity, and saving time and costs.”

    Work Order Automation

    Increased Efficiency and Accuracy is on the ‘Horizon’ as Ontario Utility Company Launches e-Mobile Program with Mobile Technology from Motion

    Increased Efficiency and Accuracy is on the ‘Horizon’ as Ontario Utility Company Launches e-Mobile Program with Mobile Technology from Motion Computing


    Mobilizing Sydney Water’s Inspection Service

    Sydney Water converted paper based processes to full electronic documentation and automated 50,000 annual field inspections, delivering a field productivity improvement of up to 30%.

    “The mobile application allows our field inspectors to spend more time in the field conducting inspections. It has considerable reduced the paperwork and delivered real productivity gains.”

    Work Order Automation

    Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 25 Saves Over 7000 Pieces of Paper a Year with Motion Tablet PCs

    Internationally Accredited Fire Agency leveraged the high performance, integrated mobility utilizing Motion mobile technology and FIREHOUSE Software to automate inspection processes.

    “With the increase in efficiency, the new tablet-enabled inspection process helps us enhance customer service. More importantly, the tablets help us ensure the quality of information and the inspections, meaning increased safety and peace of mind for us and the residents.”   

  • Video Case Studies

    Work Order Automation

    Kuiken Service Mobility Project - Video

    Kuiken has a continuous focus on developing and improving the service organisation. Therefore Kuiken launched 'the Mobility project" incorporating Motion Tablet PCs. The key features are: better customer communication and reducing the machine downtime.

    Inspect / Maintain / Repair

    Why Electranet Uses Rugged Motion Tablets

    Today we take the camera to a live 275,000 Volt electricity substation in South Australia to find out why Electranet chose the Motion F5-Series Tablet PC and how they use it.

  • White Papers

    Utilities Vision Paper

    Vision Paper:  The Best Mobile Computing Tools Are the Ones Made for You

    Utilities have workers with different skills and different responsibilities, and each has a unique mobility requirement. With the right tablet PC, utilities will be able to make incremental software or module upgrades to support new workflows without requiring an entire infrastructure overhaul—which in turn protects their device investments.

    Wireless Connectivity

    The Gateway to a Better Vehicle Area Network - Vision Paper

    Mobile gateways are rapidly becoming the preferred modern approach for utilities in delivering secure wireless network infrastructures that support connectivity to all your organization's devices resulting in productivity gains, superior wireless performance and a host of other advantages. Learn how to dramatically leverage a mobile gateway as a connectivity hub and other factors to consider in your current enterprise network evaluation.

    Rugged Device Ratings

    Vision Paper: Righting the Ratings

    Protect your mobile computing investments long-term by choosing the IP rating that you can be confident will be right for the unique exposure risks and use cases of your field service workers. Otherwise that excess IP will just be expensive in dollars, device size and weight.

    Research Report White Paper

    The Changing Face of Utilities - VDC Research White Paper

    Aligning Investments in Mobile IT to Put Customers First: This latest analyst report from VDC Research takes a look at the massive transformation the Utilities industry is facing. One universal trend presenting significant opportunities for Utility companies is leveraging technology investments to improve workforce performance and enable a more connected enterprise.

    • What IT investments best increase workforce productivity and infrastructure management
    • What metrics to use to measure mobile solutions ROI
    • Future trends indicating the most highly deployed mobile field applications

Additional Resources

Today’s utility providers face a diversity of challenges in their quest to create value and remain sustainable. Motion is exclusively focused on delivering integrated mobile technology to strategically support our customers business requirements. Our relationships with best-of-breed ISV software partners ensures that ensure our customers benefit from the collaborative expertise of proven industry leaders.



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