Thriving in Demanding Environments with Healthcare Mobile Computing  Solutions

Go beyond paper records and drive efficiency, accuracy and outstanding patient care with Healthcare industry leading Motion Computing® mobile technology solutions. Whether you’re a doctor accessing real time patient information, a mobile site collecting blood donations, an IT professional integrating clinical systems or a research lab conducting clinical trials, Motion offers seamlessly integrated mobile computing solutions and Healthcare tablets tailored specifically for the most challenging environments.

Motion has been delivering mobile technology and industry-leading tablet PCs to healthcare providers for over a decade. Our experience and acquired best practices enable hospitals, clinics and remote care sites to leverage existing investments in technology, software and people to optimize the workflows critical to success. The result—simplified healthcare mobile computing solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient care.

Patient Records Management

Provide more efficient and higher quality care with real-time, totally connected access to patient records information.

Remote Point of Care

Whether it's home healthcare, extended care or mobile blood banks, go with the leader in remote point of care.

R & D / Pharmaceutical

Automate lab processes, improve data integrity methods, and support improved clinical collaboration and outcomes, bringing therapies to people that improve their lives.

  • Articles

    Wireless Network Infrastructure

    For the Record: Wireless Networks Need HIPAA-Focused Makeover

    By Peter Poulin, Motion Computing
    There's little doubt that health care organizations of all sizes acknowledge the value of utilizing wireless technologies to quickly adopt and demonstrate meaningful use. After all, providers, nurses, administrators, and patients alike can only benefit from constant connectivity. Ultimately, they are all consumers who have come to expect wireless access be as pervasive in their personal and professional lives as oxygen. As a result, it makes sense that an industry so dependent on advancing health care capabilities through new technologies be eager to implement the latest and greatest on the operational side as well.

  • Case Studies

    Patient Records Management

    Nürtingen Hospital Improves Patient Care with Motion Tablet PCs

    Nurtingen required a comprehensive mobility solution and the selection of the Motion mobile technology delivers around the clock access to high-quality data. The efficiency gains are apparent as Nurtingen realized up to a 40% time savings in productivity.

    “The investment has been worth every penny. Looking to the future, we will soon provide other hospitals within the Esslingen district with these devices.”

    R & D / Pharmaceutical

    Merck Pharmaceutical Projects Over $1M In Lab Savings with Motion C5-Series Mobile Platform

    Merck scientists concluded that Motion’s mobile technology provided a full range of new and improved capabilities, which maximized their ELN investment and improved the scientists’ productivity.

    “The integration of the C5 with the electronic notebook was a successful proof-of-concept. Scientists had more time to focus on value added work in labs and data integrity and document sensitivity compliance increased. Records become 100% electronic – promoting full ELN adoption.”

    R&D / Pharmaceutical

    R & D Pharma Lab Revitalizes Testing Processes with Motion Mobile Technology

    Major R & D pharmaceutical company updates data capture methods to create efficiencies, reduce costs, and help streamline the overall R & D process.

    “We were aware of several vendors, but Motion was the right fit because of the tablet’s ability to withstand extreme disinfection, for the Windows® based operating system and the high level of performance.”

    Patient Records Management

    Medical Clinic Cuts Approximately $4M in Costs with Motion Mobile Technology and Allscripts Software

    Springfield Clinic, the second largest private multi-specialty clinic in Illinois, partnered with Motion Computing to transform their ambulatory EHR implementation.

    "The Motion team was very knowledgeable about the complexities of clinical workflow and EHR project implementations, and was committed to achieving measurable business outcomes.” 

    Remote Point of Care

    Nebraska Community Blood Bank Saves 830 Hours, Reduces Data Errors By 74% with Motion Mobile Technology

    Successful regional blood bank automates entire blood donation process including documenting deviations and delivers enhanced employee and donor satisfaction.

    “It’s everything we need in one device.”

  • Video Case Studies

    Mobile Point of Care

    UK Healthcare® Implements Mobile Point of Care (MPoC) Across Six Colleges, Leveraging Motion Technology

    The University of Kentucky turned to Motion for mobile technology that can track patient information across all facilities and deliver true healthcare optimized mobility.

    “I have patients on virtually every floor…you can load up what you want your patients to see…bring it into the room…which allows them to have a much better understanding of their disease process. Not having to leaf through a five volume chart is tremendous.”

    Patient Records Management

    UCSF Implements Mobility in Collaboration with GE Healthcare and Motion Computing

    The University of California San Francisco conducted a pilot to identify areas for workflow improvement in order to fully leverage their EMR solution for improved patient care. Issues were successfully addressed and Motion technology delivered transformational benefits.

    “The key consideration in how to do mobility is workflow, workflow, workflow.”

  • White Papers

    Whitepaper: The Smart Way for Healthcare Organizations to go Mobile

    Selecting a business-class wireless network and deploying purpose-built mobile devices is a necessary combination to improving patient care delivery while at the same time maintaining security and increasing retained revenue for the entire business.

    “Compared to what’s out on the market, the Motion Tablet PCs have three distinct advantages: first the durability is unsurpassed, and common disinfectant wipes easily cleansed contaminated units; second, the stylus input was a must for our ‘digital pen and paper’ solution; finally the Windows operating system allows our IT department to easily disk image and support the hardware.”

Additional Resources

Today’s healthcare providers face a diversity of challenges in their quest to create value and remain sustainable. Motion is exclusively focused on delivering integrated mobile technology to strategically support our customers' business requirements. Our relationships with best-of-breed ISV software partners ensure that our customers benefit from the collaborative expertise of proven industry leaders.



Esri inspires and enables people to positively impact the future through a deeper, geographic understanding of the changing world around them.
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Graphium Healthcare

Graphium Healthcare leverages digital technologies to design mobile applications with "pen and paper" simplicity and familiarity coupled with usable, real time business intelligence. Graphium Health's mobile technologies will improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and most importantly, your bottom line.
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Mobile Epiphany

Mobile Epiphany is a business process analysis company that first and foremost achieves a deep understanding of its client’s processes. Once processes are clearly understood and documented, Mobile Epiphany uses its Rapid Application Configuration (RAC) platform, known as ME Process, to create the holistic, ROI-focused, enterprise-class mobile solutions that its customers have always wanted and which the field workers will enjoy using.
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Sansio is a leading provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) information management solutions that help healthcare providers improve clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance. Sansio’s solution approach enables its customers to easily gather data at the point-of-occurrence Safely and securely exchange healthcare data in the Cloud Make informed decisions with virtual medical records.
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PatientWorks automates registration processes, both behind and in front of the registration desk. Patients can comfortably check in, verify information, sign forms and make co-payments through a kiosk or tablet. PatientWorks then tames all the forms, captured patient information, photos and documents and only generates the paper, label, wristband or PDF when needed.
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TCC Software Solutions

When your team relies on gathering information outside of the office, efficiency and organization are critical. We recognize the challenges mobile employees experience with paperwork in the field. In response to these challenges, TCC created eXpedite, a real-time mobile software application that resembles your paper forms, enabling you to collect the same information quicker and more accurately.
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XLDent™ ensures customers have the tools they need to run their business more efficiently and more profitably. This intuitive and easy-to-use suite gives customers everything they need to go paperless, including integrated digital imaging, paperless forms and patient check-in, automated progress notes, and even “ink on chart”.
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Ergotron has been improving the human interface with digital displays for over three decades. Ergotron's history of innovation and passion for differentiation is evidenced in over 70 patents and a growing portfolio of beautifully designed mounting and mobility products for computer monitors, notebooks, tablets, flat panel displays and TVs that are as easy to use as they are to mount.
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ReadyDock products are used around the globe to support workflow and the overall management of mobile devices in hospitals, education, retail, food service, and other applications that require charging, storage, and security of these devices. ReadyDock:UV is the world’s first and only chemical-free disinfection multi-bay docking station. Mobile devices are high-touch surfaces that require disinfection in clinical and germ-sensitive settings. Only ReadyDock can provide a solution for security, charging, and disinfection of mobile devices all in one process.
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Spectrum Medical

Spectrum Medical supplies Electronic Medical Records and Critical Care Management Solutions specifically designed for high acuity areas in the hospital including the Operating Room, Anesthesia and Intensive Care unit. Designed to complement the Hospital Information System, the system includes comprehensive medical device connectivity and unique, intuitive end-user configurability.
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