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Tablets for Police
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The New F5m / C5m Tablet PC

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Experience the F5m/C5m Tablet Platform
the New CL920 Tablet PC

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The R12 Tablet PC Platform

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From the Blog
From the Blog

Click, Pick and Pack: Why Tablets Trump Paper in the Warehouse

Paper piece picking and packing systems are not only speed-averse and prone to frequent error, but a downright risky choice now that mobile technology has made its way to the warehouse aisles.

Customer Success
Customer Success

Case Study: Ada County Sheriff's Office

Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho has armed its more than 155 deputies with Motion F5 Tablets, in-vehicle docks and desktop mounts to better facilitate e-citations and other emerging criminal justice applications.

Better Together
Better Together

Motion Is Now Xplore

With this Recent Acquisition of Motion, Xplore Now Offers the Most Complete Line of Rugged Tablet PCs on Earth

Why Choose Motion by Xplore?
Why Choose Motion by Xplore?

We Are More than Just a Tablet Company

This Infographic provides a quick look at what makes Xplore different from the competition