LINCWorks Wireless Networks

Rugged, self-contained portable wireless devices that provide fast, easy and reliable connectivity anytime, anywhere.

LINCWorks™ Rugged Deploy Anywhere Wireless Networks

The new Motion LINCWorks™ family of ruggedized wireless products and accessories makes it easy to create a cohesive communications infrastructure anytime, anywhere.

Self contained, portable and configurable to your specific needs, the LINCWorks line offers the latest wireless hardware equipped with a proprietary six-antenna array and automated configuration software.

The innovative unit lets you quickly establish and manage fast, reliable connectivity with mobile workers between fixed sites such as home, satellite or vendor offices and the field.

How LINCWorks Works

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Turnkey connectivity for demanding environments

Our turnkey Wireless/Networking Solutions instantly establish a powerful, reliable WAN/LAN, cell or mesh wireless communications network in diverse mobile environments including:


Construction sites


Oil / gas exploration & production


Public safety, security, & crowd control


Power generation & transmission


Water & wastewater management


Disaster management & recovery

Motion’s LINCWorks™ family of products offers powerful, portable wireless connectivity that is easy to set-up and operate. Across a diversity of remote locations – construction sites, oil and gas plays, emergency response locations, and other mobile environments – the Rugged Deploy Anywhere (RDA) wireless network products provide the perfect solution anywhere that quick, robust wireless connectivity is needed. How LINCWorks Works


Adaptable and Versatile

Dead zones are gone. Drop the LINCWorks™ RDA in a new location or add another and the network self-adjusts to meet your needs.


Ready to Go

Designed to be deployed in minutes and provide fast, reliable, network and internet access to mobile workers.


No Power – No Problem

The RDA Network has extended standalone battery power or can be quickly configured to run on solar.


Weather Resistant

Each RDA unit is built to withstand the heat of the sun, is fully sealed against rain, snow and wind and features tamper-resistant ports and plugs.


Always Connected

Utilize cellular or local network connection to provide persistent access anywhere it’s needed – no matter the location.


LINCWorks VAN Mobile Network

The LINCWorks™ VAN product provides fast, reliable network and internet access to mobile workers in vehicles. VAN self-adapts to local MESH as an additional access point automatically.

For more information on LINCWorks wireless products, please  Contact Us

Key Features

LINCWorks RDA (Rugged Deploy Anywhere) Network for Rapid Deployment in Demanding Environments

LINCWorks RDA (Rugged Deploy Anywhere) Network for Rapid Deployment in Demanding Environments

  • Priced 30%-50% below homegrown systems
  • Lightweight and highly portable form factor
  • Fast and easy set up by field workers – does not require IT support
  • Self-contained four or six-antenna array
  • Self-configuring software – easily add additional units for increased coverage
  • Rugged, reliable, secure and tamper resistant
  • Flexible power supply: 12V Battery, 110V, or solar

LINCWorks VAN (Vehicle Area Network) for Reliable On-the-Go Connectivity

LINCWorks VAN (Vehicle Area Network) for Reliable On-the-Go Connectivity

  • Smaller, aerodynamic form factor mounts to vehicle with magnetic feet
  • Proprietary, custom designed four-antenna array
  • Fast, reliable network and internet access for mobile workers in vehicles
  • Self-configures to local MESH as an additional access device
  • Drive-up site connectivity

  • RDA Specs

    Network Access
    Ethernet 10/100/1000
    802.11 a/g/n
    3G 4G LTE

    Humidity (non-condensing)
    10% to 90%

    Infrared Motion Sensing Camera
    Fixed or Rotating

    Antennas (field frequency tunable)
    Dual Band WLAN (2 x 2)
    Six Band WWAN with diversity

    Operating Temperature
    '-30 C to +70 C

    Power Options
    Solar Input
    12 V
    110 V

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    Dimensions and Weight
    Length: 11.875"
    Width: 10.50"
    Height: 11.750"
    Weight: 15 lbs

    Technical Specifications and Ranges of Input Source*
    Solar Panel: 18-36 Volt Direct Current, 8 Amp Maximum
    POE (Power Over Ethernet): 18-57 Volt Direct Current, 2.6 Amp Maximum
    AC Power: 110-240 Volt Alternating Current, 60/50 Hertz, 1.5 Amp Maximum

    Technical Specifications and Ranges of Output Sources*
    Solar Panel: 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp as Battery Voltage, 12.5 Volt Maximum
    POE (Power Over Ethernet): 12 Volt, 1.0 Amp, 12.5 Volt Maximum

    * All Input/Output Sources designed to UL60950-1 Listed Standards

  • VAN Specs

    Network Access
    802.11 a/g/n
    3G & 4G LTE

    Humidity (non-condensing)
    10% to 90%

    Operating Temperature
    '-40 C to +85 C

    Power Options
    12 V

    For more information on LINCWorks wireless products, please  Contact Us

    Technical Specifications and Ranges of Input Source*

    POE (Power Over Ethernet): 8-60 Volt Direct Current, 2.6 Amp Maximum
    AC Power: 110 or 220 Volt DC Converter, 60/50 Hertz, 1.5 Amp Maximum

    * All Input/Output Sources designed to UL60950-1 Listed Standards


Photovoltaic/Solar Power Supply

In environments where traditional 110V or 12V battery power supplies are impractical or simply not available, these high efficiency polycrystalline solar panels provide an excellent alternative. Size options make it possible to meet your power needs while compensating for geographical and seasonal sunlight patterns.

  • Rugged, industrial grade solar module
  • Options to 135W of power at a nominal 12V
  • Operates an RDA unit and associated accessories
  • Two MC4-style 3ft leads plug into dedicated RDA
    power ports
  • Tempered glass face
  • Rugged aluminum frame with grounding points
  • Proven weatherproof junction box



WC.CAM.1 (PTZ Camera)
WC.CAM.2 (Fixed Camera)

With expensive tools, equipment and materials staged throughout your site, remote surveillance is critical to construction project security – especially after hours. Our security cameras leverage connectivity through the RDA to provide continuous oversight of valuable site assets.


  • Rotating camera provides 365° visibility
  • 560 TVL Color / 680 TV B&W
  • Weatherproof Armor Dome
  • Indoor / Outdoor Surveillance
  • 12V DC Power Supply Included, plug into the RDA, or POE

Fixed Camera - WC.CAM.2

  • Fixed camera is continually focused on the area of interest
  • Same specifications as above


Variable Height Mast with Tray

(For PTZ / fixed cameras, and directional antennas)

When your application includes a need for remote site surveillance, our telescoping stand provides a secure, elevated camera mount for improved visibility.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Extends from 5’ to 20’ high
  • Folding legs provide superior stability
  • Custom tray for secure mounting of the RDA unit
  • Quick-attach mounts lock camera in place

LINCWorks RDA Product Family - Configurations

WC.RDA.100.B RDA.100.BASE (no wireless)  

















SLR.100 (Solar Panel and brackets)



STA.100 (Stand for PTZ/fixed cameras, and directional antennas)



CAM.1 (PTZ camera)



CAM.2 (fixed camera)


Motion LINCWorks™ Partners

Transforming information into the intelligence to design, implement, and support your system is our goal. In order to achieve this, Motion works closely with industry leading equipment and software partners to bring you the most comprehensive and effective solutions to your wireless network challenges.

Alpha Systems Advanced Communication & Electronics Advanced Technical Solutions

Barcoding Inc. CelTeq CPF Inc.

Extendata Ingram Technologies MSA Systems

Premier GPS Tracking Ready Data Source Inc.

Scan Texas Versona Systems

  • Case Studies

    Rogers-O’Brien Construction Turns to Motion for Wireless Jobsite Connectivity

    A digital deluge is overtaking the commercial construction industry. Paper rolls of desktop-size blueprints are virtually extinct, pushed to pasture by powerful computers, sophisticated design applications and gigabytes of electronic files. Architectural renderings, along with the associated plumbing, ductwork, electrical and build-out plans are now drawn and revised electronically. 

  • White Papers

    Whitepaper: The Smart Way for Healthcare Organizations to go Mobile

    Selecting a business-class wireless network and deploying purpose-built mobile devices is a necessary combination to improving patient care delivery while at the same time maintaining security and increasing retained revenue for the entire business.

    “Compared to what’s out on the market, the Motion Tablet PCs have three distinct advantages: first the durability is unsurpassed, and common disinfectant wipes easily cleansed contaminated units; second, the stylus input was a must for our ‘digital pen and paper’ solution; finally the Windows operating system allows our IT department to easily disk image and support the hardware.”

    Whitepaper - Cellular Infrastructure and Standards while deploying an RDA

    This whitepaper discusses the methods used while deploying an RDA into a field environment and dives into the standards used to judge the apparent success of the RDA in acquiring and distributing a cellular signal. This paper will only discuss the RDA units which contain either AT&T or Verizon Wireless cellular antenna.

Additional Resources