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Make Mobility Work in Retail
Never underestimate the

value of a great partner.

Make Mobility Work in Public Safety
Scales tall buildings

In a Single Swipe.

Make Mobility Work in Construction
When work must get done

Outside Is Merely a Technicality.

Make Mobility Work in Utilities
The New R12 Platform

Rugged Redefined.

Experience the R12 Platform
Multitask like lives depend on it.


Make Mobility Work in Public Safety
When technology solves the little things,

You can focus on the big things.

Make Mobility Work in Healthcare
Our Blog
Our Blog

My Camera App is Better than Your Camera App. Why Mobile Device Features Should Matter to Utilities.

To fully empower utility field workers, a mobile computing device should be more than just reliable – it should be productivity enhancing.

Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight

Aurora Energy Improves Connections with Motion Rugged Tablet PCs

"Motion tablets have allowed our staff
to remain connected with the network,
allowing for work packs to be sent and
received immediately"

What’s Trending Now
What’s Trending Now

Motion Secures Order for 5000 Rugged Tablets from a Medical Device Company

Motion will supply 5000 CL-series rugged tablets to a US medical device company following an initial deployment of 3000 CL-series tablets.

Expert Insights
Expert Insights

Rugged Mobile Solutions Take Emergency Response To New Heights

Public Safety whitepaper discusses why for fire fighters, police officers, and EMTs, working more efficiently isn’t about cutting costs — it’s about saving lives.



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News and Events